Executive Team

The CIRT Executive Team is responsible for providing general assessment of critical incidents/events and making recommendations to the President as to the University response and operations. In addition, the CIRT Executive Team may recommend actions to manage and resolve the incident or make the decision to activate the Emergency Operations Center and CIRT Working Group's Incident Management Team.

Name Title
Liesl Folks
Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Lisa Rulney
Sr. Vice President for Business Affairs & Chief Financial Officer
Laura Todd Johnson
Sr. Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Jon Dudas
Sr. Vice President and Chief of Staff
Betsy Cantwell
Sr. Vice President Research & Innovation
Steve Moore
Sr. Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Kendal Washington White
Vice Provost for Campus Life & Dean of Students
CIRT Co-Chair
Jason Brei
Interim Chief of Police/Asst. Vice President, Emergency Manager/CIRT Co-Chair