Pandemic Plan

The UA Pandemic Response Planning Subgroup, part of the Critical Incident Response Team, has worked closely with local, regional and national agencies to identify measures that should be taken during a pandemic influenza outbreak. The plan that has resulted from those efforts details steps that should be taken before, during and after a pandemic and involves all aspects of University operations, from facilities and risk management to communications and business affairs.

Subgroup Members

Member Unit Email
Mona Arora Research Specialist Senior, College of Public Health
Mark Barton Bursar/Director, UA CatCard Services FSO
David Besselsen Director/Attending Veterinarian, University Animal Care
Alex Blandeburgo Sr. Director-Residential Education, Residence Life & DRC
Jill Calderon Director, Global Travel
Derrick Goodrich International Risk Analyst, Global Travel
Steve Holland Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management Services
Ken Kerns Sr. Director, Research Laboratory & Safety Services
Chris Kopach Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
Amanda Kraus

Executive Director, Disability Resources

Executive Director, Housing and Residential Life
Chrissy Lieberman Associate Dean of Students
Harry McDermott Physician, Campus Health Service and Subgroup Chair
Chad Myler Health Promotion Manager, Life & Work Connections
David Mogollon

Manager, Communications and Media Relations

University of Arizona Health Sciences Office of Communications
Ted Nasser Director, Procurement and Contracting Services
Aaron Pacheco Pima County Health Department
Kristen Pogreba-Brown Assistant Professor, & One Health Director
David Salafsky Interim Executive Director, Campus Health Service
Jason Brei

Interim Assistant Vice President, Chief of Police
Lane Spalla Project Manager, Emergency Management Coordinator
Jimmy Spencer UA Biosafety Officer (RLSS)
Rachelle Stone Interim Assistant Director, Facilities and Operations - Student Union
Ted Tong Professor, College of Pharmacy
Louie Valenzuela Pima County Health Department Representative, Office of Emergency Management
Herb Wagner Director, Risk Management and Safety