Mass Clinic Planning Group

The UA Mass Clinic Planning Group is a part of the UA Critical Incident Response Team that collaborates with local and regional agencies to develop mass clinic plans for public health emergencies requiring the distribution of vaccines or antibiotics to a large segment of the Tucson and Pima County population. The diverse group consists of representatives from departments throughout campus and the Pima County Health Department. The group regularly engages in evaluation activities and implemented the UA Drive-through Mass Dispensing Plan to distribute seasonal influenza vaccine to the campus community in October 2009. 

Committee Responsibilities

  • Develop plans and procedures for mass dispensing operations.
  • Implement plans to establish vaccination, Point of Dispensing (POD) centers.
  • Collaborate with the Pima County Health Department to ensure the timely delivery of pertinent medication or vaccine to the at risk population

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Mona Arora, Subgroup Co-Chair

Asst. Professor, College of Public Health

Lane Spalla, Subgroup Co-Chair

Project Manager, Emergency Management Coordinator

Howard Eng

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Mike Katz

Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy

Gerri Kelly

Associate Director, Marketing-Communications, Public Health Administration

Kathy Knak

Corporate Safety and Emergency Preparedness Officer, University Medical Center

Kris Kreutz

Director, Administrative Services, Campus Health Service

Harry McDermott

Executive Director, Campus Health Service

Crystal Morris

Biosafety Officer, Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety

Tejal Parikh

Physician, Campus Health Service

Kristen Pogreba-Brown

Epidemiologist, College of Public Health

Robert Rodriguez

Facilities Manager, Campus Recreation

Charles Schable

Technical Expert, Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety

Paula Balafas

Assistant Vice President, Chief of Police

Margaret Sifford

Office Supervisor, Campus Health Services

Mike Stilson

Director, Medical Services, Campus Health Service

Joyce Stout

 Healthcare Surge Coordinator, Pima County Health Department/Preparedness Division

Elisa Tapia

Program Coordinator, Parking/Transportation Service

Ted Tong

Professor, College of Pharmacy

Louie Valenzuela

Pima County Health Department Representative, Office of Emergency Management

Herb Wagner

Director, Risk Management Services

Jennifer Zuniga

Associate Director, Arizona Area Health Education Centers, College of Nursing