Plans Overview

In addition to responding to campus emergencies, CIRT is charged with designing plans to deal with future crises. CIRT also provides campus units with tools to outline their own responses to critical incidents.

  • Campus Emergency Response Plan (CERP)
    The University of Arizona Campus Emergency Response Plan (CERP) is an overarching document that establishes definitions, an organizational and conceptual framework, and guidelines and procedures for response in the event of an emergency or critical incident.

  • Pandemic Plan
    The UA Pandemic Response Planning Subgroup, part of the Critical Incident Response Team, created this document to identify measures that should be taken during a pandemic influenza outbreak.
  • Continuity of Operations Plan for UA Units
    This template guides University units through the process of determining how they would operate during an influenza pandemic or other type of emergency, and how they would return to normal operations.
  • Unit Level Critical Incident Response Teams
    These guidelines address the formation and function of Critical Incident Response Teams, which prepare for and respond to incidents at the unit level.