Building Emergency Plans

Building Emergency Plans

Call or text 911 for any emergency requiring police, fire, or medical assistance.
For non-emergencies, call 520-621-8273 (621-UAPD)

About Building Emergency Plans

Building Emergency Plans are intended to serve as a guide to be used in conjunction with the University’s Campus Emergency Response Plan (CERP) for employees, students, and DCCs in emergency situations. Employees should familiarize themselves with these procedures, specific to each building, before an emergency occurs and review building emergency plans annually. New employees should read the procedures during their onboarding process.

BEPs include:

  • Building exits
  • ADA (wheelchair) accessible secure room locations
  • AED & medical kit locations
  • Evacuation points
  • Panic button locations
  • Controlled point of entry for building

Find Your Building Emergency Plan 

  • Plans are organized by location. 
  • Plans are downloadable PDFs.
  • Plans are available to those with a NetID.

Plans are also available by building on the interactive public campus map.

Main Campus - Tucson

Find a specific building on the university public map, or use the search feature. The map includes University buildings in the Tucson area. Click on the building to access its building emergency plan.

Phoenix Bioscience Core Campus

Learn more about PBC Campus

Sierra Vista Campus

Plans are findable by building number for the Sierra Vista Campus.

Learn more about Sierra Vista Campus  

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