Working Group

The CIRT working group is made up of key University personnel who activate the campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and assist with coordinating a University-wide response to a critical incident or event. The CIRT working group supports the Incident Commander and provides information and recommendations to the CIRT Executive Team as necessary to assist with coordination of a critical incident or event.

The CIRT is organized and operates in accordance with the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System structure.

ICS Structure

πŸŸͺ  EOC Management

🟫 General Councel

🟧 Safety

⬛ Public Information

🟦  Operations

🟨 Logistics

πŸŸ₯ Planning

🟩 Admin/Finance

Working Group, Command and General Staff

  Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Position Name University Dept.
πŸŸͺ Director Chris Kopach, Assoc. Vice President Facilities Management
πŸŸͺ Deputy Director/EOC Mngr. Lane Spalla, Emergency Management Coordinator Office of Public Safety
🟫 Legal Officer David Wagner, Sr. Assoc. General Counsel Office of General Counsel
🟧 Safety Officer Miguel Delgado, Chief Risk Officer Risk Management Services
🟧 Safety Officer Herb Wagner, Director Occup. and Envr. Health and Safety Risk Management Services
🟧 Safety Officer Leon Harris, Director Research Safety and Occup. Health Research Laboratory Safety Services
⬛ Public Information Officer Pam Scott, Assoc. Vice President, External Comm. Communications
⬛ Public Information Officer Pilar Martinez, Senior Director, Strategic Comm. Communications
🟦 Operations Section Chief Mario Leon, Assistant Chief Police Department
🟦 Operations Section Chief Luis Rocha, Director of Operations Facilities Management
🟦 Operations Jim Sayre, Executive Director Parking & Transportation
🟨 Logistics Section Chief Ted Nasser, Chief Procurement Officer Procurement and Contracting
🟨 Logistics Section Chief Bruce Overland, Director of Maintenance Services Facilities Management
🟨 Logistics  Aaron Barnes, Director Counseling & Psych Services
πŸŸ₯ Planning Section Chief Bruce Grissom, Director Veterans Educational Transition Services
πŸŸ₯ Planning Section Chief Marilyn Taylor, Assoc. Vice President Office of the Provost
πŸŸ₯ Planning  Amanda Kraus, Asst. Vice President, Director Campus Life/Disability Resource Center
πŸŸ₯ Planning Kirsten Rath, Program Manager Office of Public Safety
πŸŸ₯ Planning  Chrissy Lieberman, Assoc. Dean of Students Dean of Students
🟩 Finance/Admin. Section Chief Nicole Salazar, Vice President Financial Services
🟩 Finance/Admin. Section Chief Francisco Pedroza, Asst. Vice President Finance and Administration

UACIRT Subject Matter Experts

Called upon to assist with UACIRT/EOC meetings/activations as needed.

Academic Affairs/Provost

Name Campus Representation
Kasey Urquidez, Vice President/Dean Enrollment Mgmt./Dean of Undergraduate Adm.
Lisa Elfring, Associate Vice Provost Center for Assessment, Teaching &Technology

Business Affairs

Name Campus Representation
Thomas McDonald, Chief of Staff Business Affairs
Chante Martin, Interim Assistant Vice President Human Resources – UAHS Phoenix
David Heineking, Assistant Vice President Planning and Operations - Phoenix
Michael Omo, Interim Executive Director Arizona Student Union

Campus Life & Dean of Students

Name Campus Representation
Alex Blandeburgo, Executive Director/Chief Housing Officer Housing and Residential Life
Harry McDermott, Physician Campus Health
David Salafsky,  AVP, Executive Director, Campus Health
Troy Vaughn, Director Campus Recreation
James Rockow, Chief & Executive Director University Emergency Medical Services

Health Sciences

Name Campus Representation
Mona Arora, Asst. Research Professor College of Public Health
Kristen Pogreba-Brown, Associate Professor College of Public Health
Cynthia Jane-Doane, Director, Attending Veterinarian Animal Care
Ted Tong, Professor College of Pharmacy
Barry Bernard, Manager, Media Technical Services Health Science
Heather Hartling, Assoc. Vice President and Chief of Staff Health Sciences
Angie Souza, Executive Director, Planning and Facilities Health Sciences
Rachel Reinhardt, Assoc. Vice President of Communications Health Science

Information Technology

Name Campus Representation
Timothy Schwab, Executive Director Administrative Technologies Information Technology Services


Name Campus Representation
Orville Jennings, Sr. Associate Athletics Director Athletics

Research Innovation & Impact

Name Campus Representation
John O’Neil, Vice President Research Development Research, Innovation and Impact
Ken Marcus, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Tech Parks Arizona

Arizona International

Name Campus Representation
Vacant - Director International Student Services
Jill Calderon, Director Global Travel